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WWE @WrestleMania 29 Event Chooses HootSuite as Social Media Command Center Provider

Watch The Rock vs. John Cena square off on Twitter and Facebook before, during, and after they compete inside the Wrestlemania 29 ring with HootSuite’s WWE social media command center.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – April 2, 2013 - HootSuite, makers of the market-leading social media management system, has teamed up withHootSuite Enterprise client WWE, the recognized leader in global sports-entertainment, to bring to you the ultimate social media command center. The live display will bring the social interactions of WWE WrestleMania 29 viewers to fans in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on April 7, 2013.

Visit the WWE WrestleMania 29 Social Media Command Center live now:

Before the bout between two wrestling legends, The Rock and John Cena, fans will be able to follow along as these two athletes “duke it out” on Facebook and Twitter. Since WWE fans are some of the most active social media users on the planet, they’ll have plenty to say about the competing wrestlers before, during, and after the main event.

The WWE WrestleMania 29 Command Center listens to:

  • Total Twitter mentions and Twitter sentiment of each wrestler

  • Most recent Tweets from each wrestler

  • Facebook Likes and the amount of ‘People Talking About’ each wrestler on Facebook

Whether you’re a fan of The Rock’s ‘People’s Elbow’ or you prefer John Cena’s ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle,’ your Tweet can sway the social media tide in favor of one potential WrestleMania 29 champion.

“The WWE truly exemplifies what it means to be a social business. The HootSuite WWE WrestleMania 29 social media command center is a prime example of how, by listening to their fans, the WWE has created engaging social campaigns and products that are widely-used and praised,” says Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite. “Other sports, media, and entertainment organizations should take note.”

HootSuite’s social media command centers have been used to compare the social media success of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers leading up to Super Bowl XLVII, as well as President Barack Obama and Senator Mitt Romney during their 2012 election campaigns. Now HootSuite is ducking through the ropes, in a dramatic entrance into a new arena, one filled to the rafters with the social media-loving fans of the WWE, a HootSuite Enterprise client. Visit the command center now.

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