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Social ROI Toolkit

Develop a clear framework to measure and prove the ROI of your social media strategy.


It’s a myth that you can’t prove social media’s impact on revenue. At Hootsuite, we’ve helped thousands of organizations refine their approach to ROI measurement.

In this short book, you’ll see how a new breed of CMOs are using social media to decrease costs, differentiate their brand, and impact the bottom line.


Case Study

Using social media to drive business results and create real efficiencies within an organization sounds like an accomplishment reserved only for socially mature organizations.

But Grupo Expansión, a Mexico City-based media conglomerate, went from a loosely followed social media strategy to achieve not just social maturity, but social sophistication, inside of two years.



Achieving Social Performance

Marketers are under pressure to attribute ROI to social programs as they fight for budget alongside established revenue-focused channels like paid media, email, and search engine marketing. To succeed, marketers must elevate social from a tactical channel to a growth engine. This involves creating a long-term vision of how social will transform their organization—as well as delivering data that shows social is converting audiences and driving revenue along the way.

SocialPerformance report en


Hootsuite Impact

When you’re trying to prove the value of social, reporting on social metrics will only get you so far. You need to show how social media contributes to the bottom line.

With Hootsuite Impact, you’ll know exactly how your campaigns contribute to business goals—and you can easily report on the results.



Unlock the value of Social Data

Integrate social interaction data with your sales and marketing platforms for a fuller picture of the customer journey



ROI Calculator

Turning gut feelings into indisputable data is a challenge all good social marketers face.

To confidently prove the connection between social media activities and your  organization's financial goals, use our Social ROI Calculator.

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