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Prove your social media ROI with deeper insights

Show the value of every social media post — paid and organic — and how it’s helping you grow with Advanced Analytics (formerly Hootsuite Impact). Track revenue, leads, and conversions, and see social media's actual impact on your business goals. Plus, see how to improve your social media ROI.

  • Boost sales and increase engagement
  • Save money on advertising
  • Prove the value of your hard work

Prove the value of your efforts

Prove how social media channels and campaigns drive conversions, leads, and sales in customized reports that are easy to understand and share with stakeholders. See what’s working, what’s not, and how you can get a better return on your social media investment.

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Boost sales with smarter insights

Advanced Analytics  identifies your best-performing activities so you can double down on what works. Track sales, sign-ups, and conversions back to individual posts and use the data to craft more effective content.

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Save money and improve ad performance

Identify which ads and campaigns have the highest value and which fall flat. Track your performance across Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Twitter Ads Manager, and more.

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Let data drive your strategy

How does your social strategy contribute to broader business goals? Add Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to track how each post leads to actions that matter — like sign-ups and purchases.

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Reach your goals with a smarter strategy

Craft more effective campaigns with month-over-month performance and a content comparison tool that lets you analyze performance across social media channels. Plus, get recommendations on how to increase the reach and performance of your content.

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Make more informed decisions with advanced social media analytics

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    Your metrics, your way

    Your business is unique, and so are the metrics you use to measure your success. Combine or refine existing metrics — or calculate new ones — to track the results that matter most to you and your stakeholders. Build your completely custom social media performance report in seconds.

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    Focus your effort on the activities that get results

    Filter your posts by content, campaign, text, or keyword to compare performance and quickly test new tactics. And save time and effort with automated tagging that detects themes in your images, links, content, website data, and hashtags.

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    Tell a compelling story with social data

    Report on the performance of your paid and organic channels with clear, attractive visualizations. Whether you start from scratch or use a template, it’s easier than ever to create great-looking reports that show the impact of your social campaigns on your business.

The best social media analytics tools in one place

Use Advanced Analytics alongside Hootsuite’s basic analytics tools to get the full picture and understand how you’re performing online. Hootsuite tells you the best time to publish based on your audience and goals, tracks hundreds of social media metrics, and shows you how you’re performing against competitors.

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Start measuring your social media ROI

Ready to see your social media ROI? See Hootsuite Insights in action right now.