As the number of social media users continues to climb to over 3.2 billion*, social matters more than ever to businesses around the world.

Hootsuite surveyed over 9,000 B2B and B2C organizations of varying sizes across North America; Europe; the Middle East and Africa; Asia Pacific; and Latin America to examine how organizations manage social, what they do on social—and the main challenges they face.

The study found that North America no longer leads the way. Social media is increasingly important to companies everywhere; 80 percent said it mattered more than the year before. Importantly, the people controlling the purse strings are putting their weight behind social. Only 28 percent of respondents find it difficult to convince CEOs to invest in social.

What you’ll learn:

  • How—and where—organizations are investing in social media initiatives to get results
  • Emerging regional and demographic trends in how organizations use social media 
  • The top goals organizations are working to achieve with social media—and how they’re performing
  • How broader adoption of social media across departments is changing organizations’ social media strategy
  • The top social media challenges organizations are facing—and how they’re addressing them

Download our Global Social Media Barometer report to read more about the social priorities, opportunities, and challenges facing businesses around the world—and use these insights to inform your planning for 2019. You can also discover our regional Barometer reports here.

*Hootsuite and We Are Social. Digital in 2018. 2018.