Social media can be used to not only attract and engage customers and potential employees but also to tell a brand story. Recognizing this power, Polymer Solutions decided to use social to reach more clients and expand the business beyond their local community.

But Polymer Solutions is an independent testing company that investigates the chemical composition, durability, and safety of a variety of materials such as bath toys and medical devices. And as an organization unaccustomed to social media marketing, they didn’t know where to start.

Download this case study to discover how a B2B technology-based company took an analytic approach to creating a social strategy.

  • 375% Increase in follower growth
  • Increased their audience reach from local to global
  • Saved time by increasing team efficiency
  • Online connections became real-life business partners
  • Fostered an internal culture of sharing and celebrating the work of Polymer Solutions 
The company had been told we needed [social media], but no one understood why or how it could be relevant to a B2B technology-based company.

—Caitlyn Scaggs, Director of Communications and Marketing, Polymer Solutions