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WhatsApp for Customer Care

Power seamless customer experiences with the WhatsApp Business API and Sparkcentral by Hootsuite

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Key benefits of WhatsApp for business

Sparkcentral by Hootsuite helps you to elevate your conversations with your audience to deliver exceptional customer experience at scale by using WhatsApp in your strategy.

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    Deepen customer connections
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    Drive business growth
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    Improve employee experience

​Experience WhatsApp customer care yourself

See why WhatsApp can help you deepen customer connections, drive business growth, and improve employee experience. Scan the QR code or click the button below to message us via WhatsApp to see how we’ve integrated WhatsApp into our customer care solution.

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Deepen customer connections

WhatsApp is the most popular global messenger app, with over two billion monthly active users. Customers can message their family in one moment and ask a quick question about their order in the next, all in the same messaging environment. Businesses not only can respond to customer queries, but also deliver proactive customer care via WhatsApp. Sparkcentral by Hootsuite’s WhatsApp Business API solution shows customers that they are dealing with a verified business, and messaging is handled in a GDPR-compliant environment, helping to drive customer confidence and build trust.

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Drive business growth

WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool that can improve business outcomes at every stage of the customer journey. Let the world know you’re reachable, automate conversations using chatbots, qualify new leads, process payments, and send proactive notifications that improve customer satisfaction—all from one central platform.

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Improve employee experience

Keeping your employees happy is a critical pillar of social customer care. And when agent productivity rises, so does your return on investment in customer service. You can improve your team’s day-to-day experience by limiting the number of repetitive tasks they need to perform, such as by using a knowledge base with templated responses, or by setting up automated topic detection for incoming queries.

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See how Odette Lunettes uses WhatsApp for customer care

Learn how you can use WhatsApp to take your Customer Care strategy to the next level