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Hootsuite Services

Want to step it up on social? Technology is just one piece of the puzzle. With Hootsuite, you’re not just getting the right tools—you’re getting a partner dedicated to boosting your confidence, strengthening your skills, and supporting you every step of the way.

We’ve been leading the social media management space since 2008, and we’ve trained 200,000+ marketing pros just like you. Come learn with us.

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The unofficial member of your social team

Social doesn’t have to feel complex or confusing, and you don’t have to tackle it on your own. As a Hootsuite Business or Enterprise customer, you’ll automatically get access to our Standard Services.

Get set up for success from day one

Make your investment in Hootsuite pay for itself sooner with onboarding and software configuration that will help you hit the ground running. We’ll connect Hootsuite to your existing technology stack, set up all your team members, and help them create time-saving workflows.

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Learn new skills from the best in the biz

Don’t stress out trying to learn on your own. Strengthen your social skills with select access to Hootsuite Academy courses and certifications and exclusive webinars that will help you hone your social strategy and use Hootsuite to its full potential.

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Stay on track with ongoing guidance and coaching

As your goals and objectives on social change, your needs will too. Our Customer Account team will support you throughout your project by providing advice and strategies you can count on, thanks to a set of quality online resources and training sessions.

Get the help you need—when you need it

Social moves fast, and so do we. With worry-free access to our global customer support team, you’ll never be left hanging.

Find even more ways to win on social with Hootsuite’s Premier Services

Looking for the best of the best that Hootsuite can offer? We see you. Our Premier Services plan comes with big upgrades to all of the standard services above, and will give you that extra boost you need to conquer any and every goal you have on social media.

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With Premier Services you can also expect:

  • A personalized training resource page
  • Full access to Hootsuite Academy library & certifications
  • One-on-one strategy coaching sessions with social experts
  • A designated Customer Account Manager
  • Worry-free customer support across email, messaging, social and phone
  • Extra add-ons are available, including custom training, strategic deployment services, and exclusive and exclusive strategy workshops

More responsibility and higher expectations—today’s social teams are worth investing in.

Today, being responsible for social media goes far beyond basic community management. Beyond leading awareness campaigns, social teams are expected to be driving new leads, protecting their brand’s reputation, and providing customer care that keeps them coming back for more.

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And while social media is becoming a core part of traditional post-secondary education, it moves so fast that most of the learning is still done on the job. Learning by doing is effective, but there’s still an education gap that makes it hard to keep social media skills current. Right now, corporate leaders have a massive opportunity to upskill their social teams and invest in the long-term strategy consulting they need to stay ahead of the curve.

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How Hootsuite Helps:

$1.2 million over three years.

That’s the value that Hootsuite unlocks for enterprise customers by helping them optimize their social strategies, according to Forrester’s commissioned study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Hootsuite.

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Hootsuite's professional services team handled the heavy lifting and training, ensured a smooth launch, and set up our corporate and field teams for success!
Megan Stagnaro
Senior Director of Corporate and Field Marketing
Rouse Properties

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