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Category:Brand Protection Best Practices

How Higher Education Institutions are Managing COVID-19 on Social

No one living today has ever faced a pandemic like COVID-19. As the global health emergency continues to unfold, higher educations are scrambling to digitize their teachings and tap into their students' needs.


April 22, 2020

Despite uncertain timelines around social distancing, higher education institutions have done a commendable job leveraging digital tools such as social media to keep students informed, empathise with their frustrations, and provide guidance and timely information.

This webinar will take you through examples of outstanding crisis management strategies happening in the higher education industry today to mitigate COVID-19. You’ll receive recommendations to implement in your communications plan to continue moving forward with confidence in the months ahead. Plus, we’ll be joined by a panel of individuals working in higher education to lend their expertise and answer any questions you may have during our live Q&A session.

What you’ll learn

  • How listening to your students can inform your communications strategy
  • Methods to build trust with your audience
  • Steps to dispel misinformation
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New Nick Blue
Nick Sinai
Senior Advisor at Insight Partners, Adjunct Faculty at Harvard Kennedy School, and former U.S. Deputy CTO
Martin Sickafoose
Vice President, Marketing & Digital Strategy Purdue Alumni Association
Nitin Goyal
Senior Business Value Analyst, Hootsuite
Molly Mattison
Senior Marketing Manager, Adtalem Global Education
Sarah Goldfarb Photo
Sarah Goldfarb
Digital Marketing Manager, University of Delaware

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