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Hootsuite Hacks: Optimize your social advertising strategy webinar
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Hootsuite Hacks: Optimize Your Social Advertising Strategy

Learn how to create a successful social ads strategy and get a better return on your paid budget with best practices and field-tested tips from Hootsuite’s social advertising experts!


July 9, 2024

Struggling to find the right balance, prove your ROI, or structure your campaigns effectively? We've got you covered! Social media advertising is the name of the game for brands wanting to reach new audiences (or even their existing audiences!) in 2024.

Join us for an exclusive Social Ads webinar Unlock the secrets to creating a winning ads strategy with field-tested tips and best practices from Hootsuite’s own paid social team. Plus, learn how you can easily manage your paid alongside your organic content directly in Hootsuite, with our newest social advertising features!

Don't miss this chance to:

  • Learn how to strike the right balance between awareness, consideration and conversion ads

  • Discover ad best practices and tips to increase your ROI

  • Get your burning questions answered by our social ads experts

Not responsible for managing social ads? No worries! Share this webinar with your teammates who oversee your ad campaigns.

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Madelaine Jack
Madelaine Jack
Product Marketing Manager,
Marco Loche
Marcus Loche
Senior Product Manager,
George Bradley
George Bradley
Paid Social Strategist,

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