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Category:How to Prove the Value of Social ROI

How a Marketer Can Think Like a Data Analyst

The seismic shift to digital-first business is continuing into the second half of 2020, with the CMO Survey reporting that marketing teams’ social media budgets have increased by an eye-popping 74% this year.


September 16, 2020

With increased spend comes increased scrutiny—meaning it’s more important than ever for social marketers to be able to analyze results and connect social campaigns to business outcomes.

Join our webinar to explore how smart social marketers are putting on their data analyst hat, proving campaign ROI, and telling more compelling stories with their social data.

What you’ll learn

  • How the role of the social marketer is evolving to take on more sophisticated data analytics
  • What CMOs expect from marketing teams looking to prove campaign ROI
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Webinar Headshot Sandy Shen Customerroadmap 400X400
Sandy Shen
Technical Product Marketing Specialist, Measure, Hootsuite
Matt Goodman
Matt Goodman
Associate Product Manager, Hootsuite Impact

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