Putting Social Trends into Practice for 2021

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Sarah Dawley
Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite
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You’ve heard our Social Trends predictions for 2021. Which ones are worth your time and investment in 2021? And how can you put them into practice to increase brand awareness and grow revenue?

Throughout this year, we’ll be diving deeper into how these emerging trends can benefit your business and exploring solutions to help you reach your goals.

Join our latest panel as Sarah Dawley—author of Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2021 report—welcomes experts from Talkwalker, ReviewTrackers, and (of course) Hootsuite to answer your social marketing questions and share best practices backed by global data that will position your organization for success next year and beyond.

  • Emerging trends and key opportunities in social media, social listening and analytics, and reputation management for 2021
  • Tips and practical examples to help you put these trends into practice
  • The most important KPIs to track so you can measure and prove your success

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  • Headshot Webinarglo Sarah Dawley 400X400 1

    Sarah Dawley

    Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite

    As the Senior Manager, Content at Hootsuite Sarah leads the research and analysis of Hootsuite’s global trends report. She brings over a decade of experience in strategy and copywriting, and was a social media manager for some of Canada's largest media organizations prior to joining Hootsuite. Sarah works with our brand team to define and articulate how social media is impacting brands, marketers and consumers.

  • Eva New Bw

    Eva Taylor

    Director Social Strategy, Operations & CSR at Hootsuite

    Eva has over 11 years of experience creating and executing strategic programs and campaigns that connect and engage brands with their customers and stakeholders. In her role at Hootsuite, she also works across the organization to demonstrate the value of social beyond the marketing department and demonstrate how we can drive positive change through social for good.

  • Megan Zink Bw

    Megan Zink

    Sr. Content Marketing Manager at ReviewTrackers

    Megan Zink is the senior content marketing manager at Chicago online reputation management company ReviewTrackers, where she leads a team focused on education and inspiration through content strategy and architecture, SEO, and other demand gen marketing practices. In her spare time, she enjoys learning about the psychology of marketing, pursuing photography, writing and public speaking, advocating for women entrepreneurship, getting active outdoors and travel.

  • Albane Flamant Bw

    Albane Flamant

    Global Marketing Program & Data Storytelling Team Lead at Talkwalker

    Albane Flamant is in charge of global marketing and data storytelling at Talkwalker. She describes herself as living on Twitter and works with social media experts from all over the world on white papers and webinars about new technologies and digital trends. Albane always has at least one book in her purse and has lived in 6 different countries over the last 12 years.

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