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Social Trends 2024: A Deep Dive on AI
Category:Social Media Essentials

Social Trends 2024: A Deep Dive on AI

Exploring 2024's biggest social media trends: a deep dive into AI's impact, strategic insights and forecasting the future with our digital sidekicks.


We’ve done the research and shared our findings on the three biggest trends shaping social media in 2024. Now we’re busting out the microscope and taking a closer look—starting with AI.

Join us as we talk strategy, explore brand examples, and ponder the future of social media with our fave new cyber assistants in tow.

What you’ll learn

  • Strategies for incorporating AI into your workflow
  • Considerations for AI and brand safety
  • The risks and rewards of using AI
  • AI best practices for brands on social
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Jordana Rapuch
Jordana Rapuch
Senior Copywriter,
Julia Escaño
Julia Escaño
Campaign Strategist,
Headshot of Trish Riswick
Trish Riswick
Social Engagement Specialist,

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