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Trends Hot Takes
Category:Social Media Essentials

Social Trends 2024: Hot Takes (Bingo Edition)

Bingo and Buzzwords: Join an expert panel for a fun, insightful experience with the chance to win a prize!


January 31, 2024

Join us for a game of bingo as we get some of our fave social media experts to spill the tea on their most anticipated—and most dreaded—social trends this 2024.

Follow along and cross off your bingo cards as keywords and phrases come up. Get the chance to go on stage and share your hot takes with the audience. AND be entered to win discounts on Hootsuite Academy’s courses.

Is it going to be fun? Yes. Insightful? Double Yes. So see you there!

What you’ll learn

  • What trends social media experts are keeping an eye on
  • Insider insights on the biggest things happening on social so far
  • Practical tips on what to do (and what not to do)
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Sarah Dawley New Bw
Sarah Dawley
Senior Manager, Content,
Sarah Southerland
Sarah Southerland
Social Media Specialist,
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
Jack Appleby
Jack Appleby
Social Consultant & Creator of Future Social
Jon-Stephen Stansel
Jon-Stephen Stansel
Social Media Manager

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