What’s better than using social media to boost your brand’s messages far and wide?

Having all your employees do it too.

Employee generated content is one of the most effective ways to drive brand awareness and trust on social media, but it comes with a slew of other benefits for your people as well—from the recruitment of top talent to employee happiness and retention.

Join us as we pull back our feathers and show you how Hootsuite uses employee generated content to not only drive brand awareness on social—but to create and sustain a more engaged workforce. Plus, we’ll be joined by our partner TINT, who will share practical tips on how to encourage and incentivize employees to share content from your brand on social media.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How, where, and why you should use employee generated content
  • Steps you can take to encourage your employees to post about your brand
  • Tips from Hootsuite’s most successful employee-driven social campaigns

  • Photo of Brayden Cohen

    Brayden Cohen

    Social Marketing and Employee Advocacy Lead at Hootsuite

    Brayden Cohen is the Social Marketing Lead at Hootsuite. Over the past 5 years, he's worked in customer-centric marketing roles with start-up and purpose-driven brands. In his current role, Brayden works on strategic campaigns for Hootsuite's social marketing channels of 9+ million users, along with managing their employee advocacy program.

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  • Photo of S. David Ramirez

    S. David Ramirez

    Marketing Manager at TINT

  • Photo of Soukaina Mkhanter

    Soukaina Mkhanter

    Partner Product Marketing Manager, Hootsuite