Vancouver - August 16, 2021 Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, has announced phase three of the new Messenger API for Instagram. As of today, Hootsuite customers who hold professional accounts and above will have access to Instagram DMs via Hootsuite inbox.

The first-ever Instagram Messenger Integration helps Hootsuite customers scale social customer care by easily engaging with their social media audience—increasing efficiency, responsiveness, and overall customer satisfaction.

The API, which allows brands and organizations to govern their Instagram-related communications from their preferred social media and customer care management platforms, has just unveiled the last of a three-tiered, phased approach by Instagram.

Hootsuite joined the highly anticipated Messenger API for Instagram beta program in 2020 and announced phase one of the rollout in June 2021.

The new integration is available via Hootsuite Inbox, the tool that helps Hootsuite customers manage social conversations all in one place and Sparkcentral by Hootsuite—the leading customer engagement platform, acquired by Hootsuite January 2021.

Now, with the fully rolled out Messenger API for Instagram, Hootsuite and Sparkcentral customers can seamlessly communicate on Instagram without having to access the app natively.

In 2021, Hootsuite found that more than 60% of organizations were planning to increase their investment in Instagram and that 15% of internet users were taking to social media messaging apps regularly for brand research.

The API is set to increase team efficiency, and responsiveness at scale by centralizing engagements across networks in one dashboard. Inbox users can also monitor response times and collaborate within teams via Assignments—designating ownership to ensure an effective workflow.

Learn more about how you can engage with Instagram conversations from the Hootsuite Inbox.