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Get your Hootsuite nonprofit discount today

Welcome to the HootGiving application page for nonprofits! We are delighted to offer up to a 75% discount for registered nonprofit organizations. Please see our eligibility guidelines below.

Your nonprofit organization must:

  1. Be registered as a charitable organization in a country where Hootsuite is available

  2. Be in good standing

  3. Be registered with TechSoup and meet the TechSoup Global Network's eligibility criteria

  4. Meet Hootsuite’s eligibility guidelines below

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The benefits of joining the HootGiving Program

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    Get access to free resources and discounts for Hootsuite Academy courses

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    Unlock the power of social media with up to 75% off Hootsuite

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    Feel confident in the security of a top rated social media management platform

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    Explore TechSoup’s technology marketplace once registered with TechSoup

    What you need to know before you get started

    Before submitting your request to join the HootGiving program for nonprofits, find out if your organization qualifies and what you’ll need for verification.

    Who’s eligible

    To be eligible for the HootGiving program, your nonprofit organization must be: (1) registered as a charitable organization in a country where Hootsuite is available; (2) be in good standing; (3) be registered with TechSoup and meet the TechSoup Global Network's eligibility criteria; and (4) not be one of the following:

    * Charitable arms or foundations associated with hospitals or healthcare organizations are eligible.

    The verification process

    As part of requesting a Hootsuite account, you’ll need to register your organization with one of our nonprofit verification partners. Registering with TechSoup allows your nonprofit organization to save money by accessing valuable product offers from many technology companies.

    Don’t have your TechSoup Validation Token? Complete the following steps:

    1. Visit the TechSoup Global Network to confirm your nonprofit status and get your TechSoup Validation Token

    2. When you have your TechSoup validation token, return to this page

    3. Click ‘Apply Now’ and complete the application form

    4. We’ll process this form and contact you via email

    If you’re already registered with TechSoup, you’ll just need to include your TechSoup Validation Token in your application.

    Need help finding your TechSoup Validation Token? Check out our
    Help Article.

    Apply now

    Account Users 

    Nonprofit discounts and grants are permitted for specific employees and volunteers. Nonprofit beneficiaries, donors, and members (such as members of a church, club, or sports team) are not eligible for nonprofit offers.

    Nondiscrimination Policy

    In addition to the previous criteria, Hootsuite values and respects individual and cultural differences and is committed to providing an inclusive environment that is welcoming and free from discrimination.

    Organizations are not eligible to participate in the HootGiving nonprofit program if they have a policy or mission of discrimination in hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, activities, and/or services based on race, colour, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, or veteran status.

    A note about our review process

    Not every organization may meet our eligibility requirements to qualify for the HootGiving program. Hootsuite sets these guidelines and determines an organization’s qualification at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to grant or deny an organization’s application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our eligibility guidelines at any time.

    Hootsuite reserves the right to decline any application and/or revise the eligibility criteria for a nonprofit discount at any time, each in its sole and unfettered discretion, provided that no organization’s nonprofit discount will be revoked during its then-current fully-paid subscription term.

    Please note that the nonprofit discount cannot be applied retroactively for current Hootsuite users.

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