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Boost reach and engagement on social media with the best employee advocacy platform

Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy for your employees to safely share your content — extending your social reach. And more reach means more brand awareness and better results.

Your employees are your biggest advocates. Help them spread the word with Amplify by Hootsuite.

Research shows that consumers value the opinions and recommendations of their friends and peers over traditional advertising and marketing messaging. Easily give your brand the word-of-mouth boost it needs with Amplify.

Extend your reach and engagement rate

Tap into the power of your employees’ networks by making it easy for them to share your content in one click. With our employee advocacy program, you’ll see a big improvement in post engagement, helping you reach your goals on social media.

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Save money on advertising

Successful employee advocacy programs can help you reach more people without the high cost of advertising. In fact, Amplify saves organizations nearly a million dollars over three years in advertising costs to achieve the same reach.

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Attract top talent and boost employee engagement

Amplify can help you strengthen your employer brand and help with recruitment. Get referrals and entice top talent with LinkedIn employee advocacy. Plus, use Amplify to share your company’s biggest wins, employee accomplishments, and news.

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Reduce risk and keep messaging on-brand

Create pre-approved content for your employees to share so every single message is accurate, clear, and on-brand. Send the right message to your audience without expecting your team to come up with branded content themselves.

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See how Hootsuite Amplify can help you expand your social reach