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Mastering Hootsuite: A deep dive into Inbox 2.0
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Mastering Hootsuite: A deep dive into Inbox 2.0

A deep dive into Hootsuite's hottest features


On social media, every interaction with your audience matters. With a flood of customer inquiries and feedback pouring through your virtual doors, how can you ensure each voice is heard, and no query is overlooked?

We have the answer: Inbox 2.0!

Join this exclusive webinar for a deep-dive look at how Inbox 2.0 can revolutionize the way your organization handles customer service on social media while saving you loads of time. (That’s the best part!)

From advanced filtering and skills-based routing to customizable CSAT surveys, SLA notifications, and more, you’ll discover the capabilities of this dynamic tool in real depth.

Whether you're new to Inbox 2.0 or a seasoned user, our webinar will equip you with practical insights to use it effectively and hit your social customer service goals.

What you’ll learn

  • Why cross-functional collaboration is essential for delivering fast and accurate responses—plus, how to do it seamlessly
  • Who can benefit from a comprehensive customer messaging platform within your company (hint: it’s not just the customer service team)
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