Social is the center of your customer’s online life

It's how we discover products. Connect with like-minded people. And consume media. Plus, it's still growing, with 1 million new people joining social networks for the first time every day.

Social Stats Illustration@2X

3.45 billion people

use social media. (Source: Hootsuite)

59% of global consumers

use social media as a source of inspiration for purchases. (Source: PwC CN)

89% of consumers

want to message businesses directly via social. (Source: Twilio)

200 million users

visit at least one business profile page every day. (Source: Instagram)

And businesses are racing to keep up

Just publishing great content or 'being social' isn't enough. The next shift in social is already happening, and progressive companies are rushing to create a unified strategy for social. Already, 54% of organizations report social is expanding beyond marketing to sales, customer support, HR, and more.


of organizations have unified customer profiles, and a further 42% are aspiring to it. (Source: Hootsuite)


of companies are fast-tracking efforts to integrate all social, mobile, web, and commerce. (Source: Altimeter)


of organizations already use social media to increase conversions and sales. (Source: Hootsuite)

Hootsuite is your partner on this journey

Like us, you've been here from the start, watching social's role grow from the corner of marketing to the center of how businesses engage with their customers.

Hootsuite is your true social partner. With 18 million users, we're able to test and improve features faster than any other competitor. Because of our scale, we've built deep-rooted partnerships with every major social network. This means we're the first to build new integrations and feed insights and requests from our customers back to the social networks.


Your vision, our scale

We know your organization is always changing and growing. Used by employees at 80% of the Fortune 1000, our solutions can both help you succeed with social today—plus, handle any complex needs that you might have tomorrow.

Whether you're managing a small team, looking to expand and unify your social brand across hundreds of locations, or making a bold step to completely transform into a social organization, our solution is flexible and adaptable to your needs.



Your data, our ecosystem

We’re better together, which is why we’ve collaborated with our best-in-breed partners to give you an ecosystem that works for you.

Our open ecosystem integrates with tools you already use—like Salesforce, Marketo, Proofpoint, and Adobe, to help you unify social across your organization.



Your strategy, our expertise

Whatever your organization’s challenge, we'll work together to solve it. Train your teams and build a baseline of skills across your organization with Hootsuite Academy. More than 400,000 professionals have used Hootsuite Academy education, with over 45,000 certified graduates.

Ensure smooth rollouts and integrate social data with existing technology with our professional services. Our experts handle the technical heavy lifting—training your teams and guiding you with data-backed best practices.

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