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Forrester New Tech: B2B Social Selling Tools, Q1 2018 - 60573

Forrester’s landscape overview of 18 B2B social selling providers

Traditional sales channels are tired and generic messaging is turning audiences away. As a result, social selling is no longer an optional component of sales strategies — marketing and sales leaders must get serious about empowering their sellers digitally.

In the past, marketing and sales leaders looked at social selling as a siloed initiative. But today, organizations are considering social as a core component in their sales strategy.

Forrester, an independent research firm, has conducted a review of 18 vendors, including Hootsuite, in the social selling market. With reviews of vendors’ capabilities within major market segments and subsegments, this report is designed to better your understanding of your organization’s strategic needs when rolling out social selling programs.

    What You’ll Learn:

  • What to expect from vendors and their capabilities within the social selling space
  • What three segments social selling tools fall into, and why they’re important to your organization
  • Understanding the vendor landscape and its inherent benefits and risks

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