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Organic and Paid Social Marketing Playbook

How to integrate your organic and paid content on LinkedIn to unlock your brand’s potential
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The role of the social marketer is evolving rapidly as brands feel the pressure to deliver concrete ROI. In fact, in a survey of 18,100 marketers for Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 report, 46% of marketers cited driving conversions as a top outcome for social media, right behind brand awareness.

With more than 810 million members and a still-growing advertising audience, LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to help businesses of all sizes build a compelling organic social presence, increase reach and engagement with paid advertising, and measure and optimize campaigns to maximize impact.

  • How to build brand awareness and generate leads for your business on LinkedIn
  • Tactics to maximize the reach of your best content by integrating your organic and paid strategy
  • How to understand the real ROI of your advertising and campaigns

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