This annual report consistently tracks consumer
digital behavior around the world to bring you a
comprehensive, scalable, and replicable resource
for building your digital strategies with confidence.

Digital 2021 Lp The Gated 1 Global

Burst out of the North American bubble

Most digital reports are heavily focused on North American stats and behaviors. But with data from over 220 countries and territories, this truly global report is a rich source of insights from around the world.

Digital 2021 Lp The Gated 2 Multitude

A go-to source for digital planning​​

Detailed regional reports that drill down into specifics for every country. Stats that put the impressive rise of ecommerce, gaming, and cryptocurrency into perspective. Visual breakdowns of digital ad spending, media consumption, and search behaviors. You’ll want to bookmark this one.

Digital 2021 Lp The Gated 3 Path

Opportunities to chart a new course

It’s easy to cherry-pick data that validates your assumptions, but a report this comprehensive is best used to test your theories. Is TikTok actually the best place to reach Gen Z? Can you reach more baby boomers on Instagram or Pinterest? Keep an open mind, and let the data lead the way.

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